I stumbled into this world with a book and a pen in my hands – oh, and a magnifying glass.

Born with a rare eye cancer, I was lucky to survive, let alone have a small amount of sight saved. Refusing to let my disability restrain me, I submerged myself in The Secret Seven, The Silver Brumby and all the horse stories I could find.

But reading wasn’t enough. My dream was to become an author one day.

Little did I know back then that my first book – my autobiography Beyond the Red Door – would be born after a major health crisis at age thirty-three when I lost my sight totally.

And if anyone had told me that entering the world of darkness would be the best thing that ever happened to me, I would have died laughing hysterically. Now eight years on, I am the first to admit that my life has never been so rich and full of opportunities.

I am now hot on the scent of my real passion – writing for children.

I love writing for the 9+ age group. And it’s a real challenge to hit the mark. Kids want action, page-turning stories and characters who can grab them by the hand and involve them in their journey.

To date, I have three completed novels awaiting publication.

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